Edubook for Kids - How Interactive Worksheets Help Your Kids Learn Smartly and Fun Way

Being a parent you must be worried about your kids’ education and finding new ways to help them learn and grow! After all, your kids are your greatest assets for whom you do everything. We understand your concern and after a lot of brainstorm and rework, we have come up with a unique way to help learn kids of 4-7 years of age in a fun way.

Help Learn Your Kids through Multiple Worksheets

As you know worksheets play a great role in helping your kids learn subjects like English, Maths, etc. These worksheets are an awesome tool for building the basic language and maths skills that are required by every elementary school. Now you can help your kids learn all the basic learning through our new mobile app – “Edubook for Kids ”. We at, Apps for Mobs have been developing creative and easy to use mobile apps for people of all segments and businesses. Now, we have come up with a concept that is creative and educative considering the burden of education on our younger generation. This app is packed with all sorts of the worksheet that you would want your child to learn that too without referring the boring textbooks. Yes, they can learn all types of worksheet through this application easily without losing interest and focus.

Types of Worksheets you get

Be it the fill in the blanks, match the objects, basic counting, or identify the colors or things you can get all types of worksheets in this app. There are multiple worksheets for each topic and subject that will help your kids get engaged for a long time and practice more and learn faster. It’s an interactive way of teaching that includes colorful pictures, less text, and more images, and printable workbooks will surely help you to track your kid’s progress and help them improve when and where required. You can view your kids’ progress through the number of worksheets completed and redone. You can compare the points scored by your kids based on the correct and incorrect answers. It’s not only about how your kids perform, it also gives you an opportunity to participate in their learning and help them improve day by day.

How to Get Started?

Isn’t it interesting and fun way to prepare your kids for their future life? The best part is this app is available for free on Google Play and apple store. If you think this is what you have been looking for your kids, time is now to download this application and help your child learn the basics while playing!